Monday, 30 May 2011

What do you do on a wet Bank Holiday Monday.... Go for a walk

 We are used to bad weather in the UK and if we let stop us going out we would never leave home. DH and I decided to go to a local park to take all three dogs out for a walk. DH took his trusty camera to shoot the wild life. Well worth him carrying his heavy camera as we came across the local deer herd. I kept well clear with the dogs whilst DH got up close and personal. The results were worth it.
 I need to get up to lofty heights for some craft therapy but until I do I will leave you with the card I created for DS's 21st.
Thanks for dropping by see you soon Gwyneth

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  1. What fab photos of the deer, I bet you was glad hubbie had his camera with him, so often when we come across things we would love to photograph we have not got our cameras with us. I love the card you did for your DS21st birthday dont they grow up fast hugs alma xx