Monday, 30 May 2011

What do you do on a wet Bank Holiday Monday.... Go for a walk

 We are used to bad weather in the UK and if we let stop us going out we would never leave home. DH and I decided to go to a local park to take all three dogs out for a walk. DH took his trusty camera to shoot the wild life. Well worth him carrying his heavy camera as we came across the local deer herd. I kept well clear with the dogs whilst DH got up close and personal. The results were worth it.
 I need to get up to lofty heights for some craft therapy but until I do I will leave you with the card I created for DS's 21st.
Thanks for dropping by see you soon Gwyneth

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Debden's a long way, but well worth the effort.

Have you ever been on a journey as a child and said "Are we there yet" Going to Debden was a little like that . Mad (Ginger) Claire and I decided we would not take the motorway to our creative weekend away with friends. It was a little adventure and we thought we would meander through the countryside and take a break in a quaint English Hostelry for lunch. The countryside was great but egg and toast for me and a teacake for Claire at a greasy cafe not so good. Still it fit nicely into the Slimmer's world plan. ( The weekend saw it slide). Set off at 11am and got there by 5pm. It was worth it, a weekend cutting and sticking with friends made up for the long journey.

As it was Eurovision we celebrated and had a sweep stake, nobody lost as we eat our cakepops as each song was sung.

Here are a couple of the projects I finished. The frame was from the wonderful Maxines Melange as you just start with paper, paint and glue and build your own fantasy . Loads of laughing and a few cards. Journey back took 4 hours....on the motorway.
See you next week Gwyneth

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Back form Italy

 Off to Italy for Easter to be greeted by the spring flower collections. Weather not really as good as at home but pleasant warm and, even if a little overcast, good for walking and sitting reading the 3 novels I read. I really feel as if I have had a break if I get reading time.
 One of the good things about Italy is the sight of the men in most town square who take time to put the world to rights and have a good natter.             ( Usually whilst the women folk  are off doing the shopping)
Time to spend with family and friends.  Kate the daughter of our good friends Jen and Pete was celebrating becoming 30. As usual good food, good company and much laughter.( Slimming World here I come because I know I have let the diet loose on a landslide I need to get back on the straight and narrow.) Isn't that what holidays are about? I will share some creative stuff once the washing pile is down to a reasonable height!