Thursday, 19 May 2011

Debden's a long way, but well worth the effort.

Have you ever been on a journey as a child and said "Are we there yet" Going to Debden was a little like that . Mad (Ginger) Claire and I decided we would not take the motorway to our creative weekend away with friends. It was a little adventure and we thought we would meander through the countryside and take a break in a quaint English Hostelry for lunch. The countryside was great but egg and toast for me and a teacake for Claire at a greasy cafe not so good. Still it fit nicely into the Slimmer's world plan. ( The weekend saw it slide). Set off at 11am and got there by 5pm. It was worth it, a weekend cutting and sticking with friends made up for the long journey.

As it was Eurovision we celebrated and had a sweep stake, nobody lost as we eat our cakepops as each song was sung.

Here are a couple of the projects I finished. The frame was from the wonderful Maxines Melange as you just start with paper, paint and glue and build your own fantasy . Loads of laughing and a few cards. Journey back took 4 hours....on the motorway.
See you next week Gwyneth

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  1. Gwyneth love your makes and looks like a fab weekend I can just imagine clare and your journey hehe I adore the frame house wow, wow and thrice wow hugs alma xx