Wednesday, 16 February 2011

 Miss Daisy and Dilly

These are my dogs and Mr Ben in the lower picture is  my big boy. Unfortunately today he is at the vets as he has developed a swelling on his face. He is 13 and I am hoping it is not too serious. Waiting for the call. I will let you know what develops........... 7pm update Mr Ben back hope following biopsy but vet seems fairly hopeful it isn't too much to worry about. Welcome home Mr Ben groggy but happy.


  1. Dilly looks good - glad Ben is ok. Looking forward to seeing them all and you when I return from my travels to our home in 'Cheshire'.

  2. Gwyneth love your furry friends fab photos I am glad its nothing too serious with Mr Ben ((doggy hugs for Mr Ben))) Welcome to the world of blogging I look forward to seeing your wonderful creations I have become your first follower :) hugs alma xx