Saturday, 12 March 2011

Back home

Here we are back home from Marrakesh. The senses are assaulted from the moments you arrive. A busy bustling city. The food is fabulous and we ate mainly in the main square at night. The aromas, slights and sounds gave the place atmosphere. You had to keep your wits about you just to walk around without getting hit by motorbikes, bicycles or even the donkey carts. ( No green cross code here)The hamman was an experience not to be missed as I was gently poached and then scrubbed to reveal my inner layer before being pummeled by a rather muscular (therapist!). Skin clean and soft as a result and probably weight 1/2 a pound less following the experience. The Riad was a little oasis of peace and calm before the call to prayer from the local mosque brought you life at 4am and again at 5.30am!Back to reality of washing and dog walking

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  1. Oh wow how could I miss these photo it looks amazing cant wait to here more about your visit, hehe the hamman sounds fun, ah but then the bite of reality, but never mind we will have fun at crop hugs alma xx